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Okay I know alot of people here need clearing up on some facts about AMEN so I'll tell you what I know:

♠ First up, Joe Letz has left the band and has now joined the Genitorturers [No info as to why he has left] and apparently Nate has left also but again, we need to wait for Casey to confirm this.

♠ Rumours are rife that Larkin is again joining Chaos on the drumkit for AMEN's next album! They are going into the studio next month to start work for it and it will feature AMEN's new song which they have been playing live recently on their last UK tour, somewhat entitled "Blood" [great fucking song might I add!]

♠ Again on the subject of rumours, Tumor may be rejoining the fold, BUT this is just rumour so we'd have to wait for an announcement I'm afraid! :)

♠ On the subject of Scum touring, the last thing I heard was that they apparently won't perform again till atleast in a year's time [Sorry for those who did miss the London gig!]

♠ And on the brighter side, AMEN's new album and their next tour will start early next year!

Shall keep you informed! Hope this has helped in some way :)

Take S-care
Liz x-X-x
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