Just Some Things I Made

Here is my first attempt. I just basically tried to make this image .. : ( 10.61k )

.. look a bit different, whilst still drawing attention towards the blood. I tried also to make the borded and text really bland so as to keep the attention on the blood. Here is the finished product: ( 12.05k )


For this one I just messed with the first image a little. Don't know what I was trying to do, just testing out different techniques. I'm not really happy with the border at all, but it seemed to suit better than anything else.

Original: ( 21.52k )

Editted: ( 27.18k )


For this one I was going to go with some sort of 'God loves Amen' thing, with the light shining down on Casey. But then I added some blur and change it to be more of a 'God trying to melt Casey' thing. Hope you like it.

Original: ( 7.33k )

Editted: ( 99.75k )


Feel free to comment negatively or positively (or neutrally).

For sale (cross posted)

Hi there. I just moved into a new flat and I have some amen goodies for sale. Excuse my not entirely relevant post.

First up, I have the Amen caught in the act dvd, price £4, and also two amen cd's, we have come for your parents, and death before musick. Those are three pounds each as the boxes are a bit mashed.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

I also have a scrap book that a friend of mine made, which includes interviews, posters and photos, following their career. I don't have a picture of that but it's very interesting, and the p&p will be large, so I'd like 10 pounds for that.

I also have a diy amen top, for the girls, size 12 with pink glitter words on the back.

Image Hosted by

Hope you see something you like.



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I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but the main riff in Oblivion Stereo is actually a riff taken from a song by the Germs. I totally forget the name (as I'm pissed out of my mind right now... damn that vodka) but it's exactly the same. I learned how to play that part, but Casey writes songs with incredibly hard to mimic tuning.

Does anyone know where I can get tabs or sheet music for their other songs? Learning O.S. was hard without them.

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Hey, I'm new. I didn't realize there were other people who liked Amen, as everyone I know has never heard of them except through me. A few months back, my boyfriend's bassist tried out for the new lineup. His whole band got to stay at Casey's house (but couldn't be there during the audition) for a weekend while he auditioned for the guitar slot. He brought me back some sweet gear, too. Casey was sick while he was there but his lady was there taking care of him. That man has more health problems than most people could handle. Damn. Anyway, my name's Dalynn. I'm 20 and Amen is my favorite band.


Is it just me, or does it seem like Amen gets the most love in the UK? America doesn't seem too huge on them (though I'm not surprised as most of their songs attack America in every way possible) and a lot of fans have lost interest due to the recent embezzelment accusations and stuff.

What is everyone's favorite album, song, and line-up?
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